10 Tips for Selling a House in Winter

There is a notable slow down that occurs in the winter for real estate — many people refrain from putting their house on the market until the springtime. ONE great reason to sell your home in the winter is less competition from other sellers in your area, so here are 10 awesome tips for selling your house in winter! tips for selling a house

  1. Curb Appeal

This tip is especially true if you live in a snowy area. Keep your sidewalk, driveway, and walkway clear of snow AND ice. Homebuyers want to know their potential new home isn’t a deathtrap in the winter time, and it’ll make the outside of your home more appealing.  

  1. Get Lit

The days are much shorter in the winter months, so keep everything well-lit, indoors and out, to show off everything about your home. You should also be sure to let in as much natural light while you can. Set timers on your lights if possible!

winter fireplace


  1. Just Warming Up

EveryONE wants to feel like their new home will be inviting and comfortable, particularly during the coldest months. Light the fireplace and turn up the thermostat just a little bit higher when you know potential buyers are coming to see your home.  

  1. Through the Looking Glass

We’re talking about windows — keep them clean! This goes back to the idea of curb appeal, because dirty windows can sour the first impression of your otherwise beautiful home. Dirty windows will also prevent the maximum natural light from entering your home.  

  1. Stay Cozy, My Friends

It won’t take much to add some extra blankets or pillows to the living room or bedrooms, but it can speak volumes. It can add a sense of comfort and warmth through your entire home without taking up too much space.  

  1. Bonus Points

Place an emphasis on the most convenient aspects of your home in the wintertime. Again, particularly if you live in a snowy area, let potential homebuyers know that your street gets plowed often. If not, talk up how the centrally-located fireplace quickly warms up the living room. There’s something unique or special about every home, so play yours up!  

  1. Batter Up!

Make time for a little home cooked preparation before a showing. Bake cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, pies – anything that will invite a ONEderful smell into your home and entice the buyers.  

  1. A Decorate Balance

If decorating for the holidays is something your family loves, do it! But keep any overtly religious pieces out of view for home showings, and be sure to take down December décor within the first few days of January. Then it’s time for some winter decorations to accent the season! Don’t forget to show Valentine’s Day some love, either (see what we did there?) home with mountain views

  1. Use the Views!

Do you live near snow-capped mountains? Is there a phenomenal skiing spot within driving distance from your house? Is there a sweet hill to sled down on snow days? Is it just gorgeous where you live all year? Point out the best features of the area surrounding your home.  

  1. Feeling Indoorsy

Do you have an awesome playroom for kids? Is there a cozy gathering area around a fireplace? Is there an in-home theater, or even and awesome entertaining space? Talk up the best spots in the house to spend the winter months.   To connect with a RealtyONEGroup agent click here

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