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We sat down with ONE of our amazing real estate professionals to learn her story and path to success. Join Jackie Joubert and discover what it takes to grow your personal business, create a positive work/life balance, and ultimately become a ROCKSTAR!

Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and discuss your career, success, and time in Realty ONE Group’s REV Up Program. Let’s start at the beginning- Tell us your story. How did you get into real estate? 

I’d like to begin by saying thank you for reaching out to me; I’m extremely humbled by your invite.  

I started in real estate by accident. I was an Executive Admin for the Western Region Director for a mortgage lender. At the end of one of our meetings I made ONE statement. “I want to learn how the loan process works” and I never looked back. I started by running credit and opening escrows. Then shadowing docs, and funding, then processing. FINALLY, I became an underwriter. It was intriguing. It kept my interest like nothing else has. I enjoyed what I was doing because I was helping people! Home ownership is a big deal and I always felt honored to be a part of making so many people’s dreams come true. After 20 years of being in mortgage lending I seen a lot of people struggle with the process and wanted to help on a larger scale. So, I decided to shift focus and become a Realtor and I’ve been able to do just that. Help more people!!!

You were a part of the REV UP program at the Realty ONE Group Complete office in Sacramento. Can you talk to us about your time in that program and some experiences you had/things you learned?

I can’t say enough great things about the REV UP program. The instructors are very knowledgeable, and the program touches on every aspect of the process. From doing open houses to closing the transaction and everything in between. They’re your support group throughout and beyond. I’ve learned that EVERY transaction is different. I’ve closed 6 transactions in the last 4 months and I couldn’t have done without the team I have. Transaction coordinators are your best friend. They take most of the stress off my shoulders, so I can focus on the most important thing and that’s my clients.

What is ONE piece of advice you can give to current Real Estate Professionals in the REV Up Program?

That hard word and perseverance pays off! I don’t like to sound like a cliché, but “open houses will get you clients”. It’s TRUE! Do as many open houses as your life permits and make sure you keep a balance between home and work. You can get carried away with making work the sole focus of your life. But DON’T!! It’s so incredibly important to mark off time each day for your family and for yourself. Real Estate is stressful, and you need time to decompress EVERYDAY!!!

Finally, don’t ever give up on your dreams. It’s up to you to make them a reality and with a lot of hard work you will make it happen!

2018 has been a great year for you so far! Talk to us about some of your listings and work you’ve put in to complete 6 transactions by only April!

It’s been exciting and exhausting at the same time. It started at the end of last year. I had injured my ankle in late October and couldn’t even walk. So, I had to figure out what I could do in lieu of open houses to get clients, so I contacted my preferred Escrow Officer Kim, let her know what happened and she helped plan a “farm”. She prepared return address labels, got a list of names and addresses where I could send my letter and she had it delivered to my house. I started handwriting the addresses (because I think it’s a personal touch and less likely to get tossed in the trash) then sent them out and got 1 buyer from that farm. That’s what started it all.

Follow very closely, it gets crazy…

I held an open house in Elk Grove for another ROG agent and from that open house I got a listing down the street. They weren’t going to be ready until March, but we kept in touch and I went to visit a few times. They listed their home in Mid-March but before it went live. I had professional pictures taken. I blasted it all over social media with coming soon and a few pictures. I did the same when it came time for the open house. It paid off because the open house was a success. By Wednesday, we accepted an offer above asking.

Now let’s rewind a bit. After the open house that got me the March listing in Elk Grove, the client that I got from the farm was ready to buy. So, we went to see the home they were interested in and with some negotiating we were in contract two days later. Their home in Carmichael closed the end of January.

At the end of January, a friend called me stating they were ready to buy. I represented them for their Stockton purchase. I facilitated the inspections and negotiated repairs with the seller on an “as is” sale and was able to get the seller to complete all the repairs the buyers requested. They were very impressed and love their new home. Which closed at the end of March.

February, we found a buyer for my listing in San Francisco. It was an as is sale and the buyers waived all inspections. It closed the 1st week of March.

In February, I got a referral and they bought a home in El Dorado Hills. A week later, he listed his home in Modesto. I had professional pictures taken. Blasted it all over social media with a coming soon tag and some teaser pictures. I always held an open house the same weekend the home was listed. My mortgage gal that I work exclusively with made open house fliers. Over the next couple of days, I blasted the open house over social media and it worked. There was a lot of traffic. I met a great couple. They were very interested in the home and didn’t have a realtor. They hired me to represent them for the purchase and that’s how I got my first double ended deal. Two days later, the buyer accepted an all cash offer above asking. I facilitated the inspections and got the seller to complete the very short list of repairs. It closed last week. Both buyer and seller are very happy.

That in a nut shell is how I got my 1st 6 transactions by April. My 7th transaction (the listing in Elk Grove that I got from the OPEN HOUSE) closes April 26th. It’s a lot of work. You’re working countless hours and driving between El Dorado Hills, Stockton and Modesto can lead to you not knowing what day it is (kidding) but when you see how happy your clients are, it’s SO WORTH EVERY MILE DRIVEN AND EVERY HOUR SPENT because you “unlocked the doors” to someone’s happiness and made their dream a reality.

What are some daily practices you have found that help grow your personal brand and business?

I make personal contact with my potential clients. Meaning, I pick up the phone and talk to them. Some prefer email or text, but I still think it’s important to reach out and TALK. I wear “this lady sells Real Estate” t-shirt I’ve gotten a couple new clients from someone asking me “what does your shirt say” I’m actively working with 2 clients I got from wearing that shirt. I also wear my name tag almost everywhere I go, and you wouldn’t believe how many people walk up to me and start a conversation and most of time that’s all you need.

But above all, reach out to the people you’re working with just to check in not to talk about real estate. See how they’re doing because no one wants to feel like their being harassed or sold.

How do you utilize the technology and tools that Realty ONE Group provides?

I use CirclePix to publish certain information on my social media. But I still like the personal touch of posting some things myself.

There are a lot of brokerages to choose from, why did you decide to go with Realty ONE Group?

I had been with other brokerages. They were great, but it never felt quite right until I came here. The staff is #1 in all aspects. Very friendly and helpful. Clients love the feel for the office. It’s very inviting and relaxing. But the purple cow mentality is what I fell in love with but more importantly, it’s the feeling you get when you walked into the 100th house and you finally say “this is the one. This is home”. That’s what Realty ONE Group is for me. I’m finally HOME!!

What’s next for you? Professionally and personally.

Professionally, my goal is to have a team of my own.

Personally, buy some land in Wilton and build our forever home. Have a ranch with cows, goats, some horses and chickens. My husband will have a shop and work from home and live happily ever after in the country.

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