A Culture Infused Brand

Same old same old

It seems in order to operate a successful company in 2018, you must have and talk about your great company culture, constantly. It is the number one corporate buzzword these days.  We all know that today’s shopper is more educated than ever, thanks to the digital environment and of course Amazon. I also believe that employees are now more aware of what goes on behind the curtain and are not willing to be slaves for a company that is not looking out for their best interests. Most experts are crediting the millennial generation for this uprising. I believe simply that the general awareness of today’s work force, regardless of age, is going through a transformation. They are tired of being taken advantage of and are no longer willing to put up with the same old same old corporate culture of yesterday. Adapt or die.

COOLTURE (cool + culture)

I love branding. For me that word is all encompassing with who you are as a company. If you are not careful and thoughtful about your company’s brand you can quickly fall and lose everything you have worked for. Having a great brand (of course) means you have a slick website, great aesthetic, cool swag/apparel, etc. But for me, a great brand goes so much deeper than what you see on the surface. Do you truly care for your employees? Do you treat them with respect? Are you providing them with a career path, with goals and objectives? That doesn’t mean that every employee needs to get a promotion during their next review, but do they honestly love what they do and who they do it for? Do they leave work at the end of the day without feeling defeated? That should be your goal as an employer.

In my short time at Realty ONE Group, I’ve had the opportunity to experience their “COOLTURE”. Before joining the organization, I was unsure if the term was just a tagline or a clever play on words in order to compete with every other company talking about their culture and why they think theirs is unique. I have been pleasantly surprised. When our founder, Kuba, says that everyone matters – he means it. He truly cares for his employees and agonizes over every small detail into making his company better and a more enjoyable and rewarding place to work for his employees. He treats everyone with respect. He truly wants each person to succeed, both at work and in their personal lives too.

At Realty ONE Group, our goal is for our culture to change. We want to always improve upon it constantly. We want to add, change, tweak wherever we see room to make it better. Our coolture is what separates us from the pack. It is what attracts new real estate professionals to join our ONE family. Just this past quarter, we opened 24 offices and expanded into 5 new states. Over 300 new real estate professionals joined our company and our hope is that they not only love our coolture, our hope is that they embrace and become part of it.

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