5 Tips to Organize Your Now Back-to-School Home

A new school year, new classrooms and all-new activities
means a lot more stuff coming into your home. How do you keep from getting

Here are five no-nonsense tips to staying organized and staying

No. 1 – Designate Workspaces

First make sure the entire family is committed to
organizing. You can’t do it alone. Next, designate storage and workspaces
throughout the house. There should be a place for backpacks and shoes as soon
as they come in the door. Make sure you have a space for incoming paperwork and
homework that needs to go back. Important notes and forms that need to be
returned should be located in plain sight so you don’t miss a date or a

No. 2 – Use Containers, Baskets and Bins

You don’t need to go to a container store to find storage accessories
that will change the way your home functions and maybe even your whole life. A
few bins, small containers and file folders will make all the difference.
They’re also very helpful in keeping your home tidy and eliminating the unruly
and unsightly overflow of stuff. Bonus: use labels to personalize containers
and storage bins for each member of the household so they can be responsible
for their own things.

No. 3 – Keep Sporting Equipment Together

Sports pose a challenge to any home and it’s not just the
kids. With all the balls, bats, knee pads, bikes and helmets, a house can get
out of sorts quickly. Ideally, you’ll want most of this out in the garage or in
an outdoor space but inevitably, it filters into your house. Do your best to
keep designated spaces just for sports gear like big tubs in the back of the
coat closet or the laundry room.

No. 4 – Triage Paperwork and Artwork

The more work they do at school, the more it comes home and
seems to explode out of their backpacks. Don’t wait to the end of the year to
determine what you’ll want to keep and save in a memory book. Let the kids
select their favorite work and art and either hang it immediately or put in a
folder for safe keeping. The rest goes in the recycle bin. Then at the end of
the year, you can take their very best work and have it bound at your local
copy or print shop for permanent memories.

No. 5 – Give Yourself a Break

Keeping a clean and organized household is difficult even
beyond the bustle of a new school year. Remember that a little clutter and
disorganization is normal for most families. Spend your time on the important
things like asking about their day or spending their afternoons after school
outside enjoying the last rays of summer.

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