Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

The days are starting to get shorter and the nights are
starting to get colder.  There is a
crispness in the air that makes your nostrils want to dance.  We all know this time of year and this
feeling; it’s Fall! It’s the time where you start to break out those chunky
sweaters and coats, swap your swim trunks for a pair of flannel pajamas and
have your home smelling of delicious comfort food like chili and stew.  Fall is also the time to make preparations to
your home to get it ready for the colder months.  There are simple steps you can take to ensure
your home survives the cold and those inside will feel safe, warm and ready to
enjoy the holidays!

Start With the Lawn-

The winter months can really do a number on your landscaping
and in particular your lawn.  Putting
fertilizer down on your grass before the cold sets in will help it green up
faster come springtime.  When you
fertilize, you trigger growth of both the blades and the roots, which will
create a thicker and fuller lawn when the flowers begin to bloom.

Cleaning the Gutters-

Not the most glamorous job in the world, but certainly a necessary one.  Cleaning your rain gutters is vital to the longevity of your home.  When your gutters are clogged it can run water down the side of your home, which over time will damage the foundation of your home and potentially even flood your basement.  So, get up there and clear out those gutters (or hire a service to do it for you). 

Now, the Fireplace-

Cleaning the fireplace – another not so fun job, but if you
plan on having those warm, cuddly days inside this fall this should be high up
on your list.  Line the surrounding area
with newspaper and remove all the loose ashes and dust with a shovel.  Then, use a wire brush to clean off the soot
from the brick and use baking soda and warm water on a sponge to clean off any
remaining soot and dust. Now, watch that fire light up the room!

It’s Beginning to Smell a lot like Fall-

One of the best things about Fall are the smells! Having
your home have that perfect fall scent is so important to this time of year and
rather easy and inexpensive.  Try
creating an Autumn Potpourri this year, which can really transform your
home.  Placed in a bowl, a potpourri also
acts as a centerpiece while simultaneously creating that autumn aroma. Some key
ingredients to consider when creating your potpourri: Oranges, cinnamon,
vanilla, juniper berries and rosehip


You’re going to need all the space you can find this time of
year.  With chunkier clothes, thicker
blankets, family and friends coming over, and just spending more time indoors,
decluttering is an excellent way to create space in your home for those autumn/winter
essentials.  Spend some time cleaning out
your dresser drawers, closets, and kitchen cupboards.  Donate whatever you don’t need to charity and
a local food bank, where those in need can make use of them.

Taking these steps will help ensure that your home is ready
when the leaves fall!

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