Add Appeal to The Exterior of Your Home

Are you looking to make the exterior of your home more appealing? Is there something missing in your backyard but you just can’t figure out what? Maybe it’s time to add some beautiful pottery to your home. There multiple products available below, all designed to spruce up your exterior and create an inviting atmosphere. 

Keep it Contemporary 

Go for a clean and minimal look with different shaped planters and fire tables, with many sizes to choose from. With a board form surface and vertical profile, the Aspen series from Archpot is great for creating and defining an inviting space. I love the wooden look this series brings, it gives off a great contemporary vibe for your home.

Warm Things Up 

Make your outdoor entertainment cozier with the addition of an Archpot fire table. Choose through various sizes, finishes and designs. My personal favorite from Archpot is the Legacy Round fire table with tumbled lava rock as pictured below. I also love the idea of using diamond fire glass in substitute of the tumbled lava rock. 

outdoor fire table

Perfect for Pools 

These fire water bowls are probably my favorite product in their catalog. The beautiful concrete planters have a 2 in 1 element of fire and water that work perfectly as a centerpiece for your pool. Your pool can go from looking mediocre to exceptional in seconds by adding in one of these fire water bowls.

fire pot poolside

Retro and Modern 

Do you need some new homes for your plants outside? Planters have a unique angle and shape and are perfect for any living environment. They work great for a front-entrance piece and can really give your home a retro and modern look.  

Archpot offers hundreds of different variations of planters, fire tables, fire water bowls, waste and recycle systems and more. You can see some of Archpot’s creations at the Irvine Spectrum,  and Fashion Island in Orange County or The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and even Disneyland! If you have been thinking of ways to update the exterior of your home, this is your sign, visit today! 

Based in Southern California, Archpot has been around for over 30 years perfecting the art of concrete. With attention to every detail, each piece is hand crafted and skillfully finished to ensure the ultimate performance and customer satisfaction. From concrete planters to fire and water solutions, Archpot has everything to make your outdoor living space perfect for you!


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