Your Name is Your Brand

I think we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing we no longer have to associate ourselves with the year 2020. Many of last year’s problems have not been resolved, but we are starting to see hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. 202ONE is going to bring a whole new level of excitement, positivity, and opportunity. Let this be your year of newfound opportunity, growth, and success. Real Estate navigated the pandemic and now is the time to grow your business, own your market, and make a name for yourself.

In this racket, the trick of the trade is “Your Name is Your Brand.”  If you want to be successful, it is essential you realize that potentially anything you do can have a positive or negative impact on your business.  The most convenient place to create an impact, both positive and negative is online in that big beautiful digital world.

YOU are Your Own Business

The insanely rapid advancement in technology and social media has given real estate professionals the unique ability to showcase their business like never before. They can reach audiences and potential new clients throughout the entire world with a few words and a couple of mouse clicks. That is a lot of power and needs to be handled responsibly, professionally. As a real estate professional, anything you say on social media can potentially have an effect on your business.  It is important to realize that although we all have our own personal opinions on certain topics, social media platforms (where most of the marketing for your business should be happening) are probably not the best places to discuss it. Do you want to pigeonhole yourself and your business to be able to only work with clients who are like-minded? …. That doesn’t seem like a smart business tactic for continued growth and success.

Best Practices

Use social media and the digital realm as a tool and use it wisely.  Get in touch with new clients and stay in touch with existing ones.  You can showcase your past business and gain legitimacy and trust in your community.  Social media gives you the ability to market yourself like never before in unique and creative ways.  Do your best to refrain from posting, commenting, or replying on sensitive topics.  You are allowed to have your own opinions and should, but don’t let them effect your business or who you do business with.  The beauty of this country is that we are all different and we’re all entitled to believe what we want to believe.  Look at this as an opportunity to work with new people and expand your market.  The larger your network is, the more successful you will be.  It’s that simple. Get your name out there! Build a following and consistently create content that leaves your audience waiting for more.  Be the professional in your community with the right online reputation.

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