A Brief but Fulfilling Primer on Home Inspections

For sellers, one of the most stressful and crucial parts of closing a deal is the home inspection. And honestly, it’s something that doesn’t get enough love or attention. Sure, we talk about the home search, submitting offers, enhancing curb appeal but an inspection is that one tiny (or not so tiny) thing upon which all other real estate success hinges; if things go wrong, it can re-open up negotiations on the offer or even cause a buyer to back out and walk away.

But inspections aren’t just a source of anxiety for sellers. Inspections can also produce down-the-road issues for buyers, too. In a recent Zillow survey, 36% of homeowners admitted that their biggest regret when buying a home was not getting a proper home inspection because it led to unexpected maintenance and repairs.

When it comes to inspections, there’s a lot on the line (even during a pre-listing inspection when you’re pricing the home) and it’s important for buyers and sellers to know exactly what’s what, so they’re fully prepared when it’s time for a pro to inspect. That is, assuming a highly qualified professional is assessing the property.

Lucky for you, there are tools like Inspectify, which is a marketplace that streamlines the home inspection process instantly. With Inspectify, it’s a simple process to find and schedule expert inspectors in a matter of just 60 seconds, making it as easy as calling an Uber for a night on the town. The platform also helps you negotiate smarter by providing repair estimate quotes. Really, what more do you need?

Maybe this: Inspectify recently rolled out a new home service program called Inspection Protection. The add-on covers certain structural components in the pre-listing inspection for up to one year after the sale of a home, for up to $100,000. With a simple contract, home buyers would be protected in the event that a structural component is misclassified in reports, and even if they are omitted.

No matter how you structure a deal, an inspection is a necessary component to getting it closed. When I work with buyers or sellers, for instance, I’m always present at the inspection so I can determine what could potentially derail the deal for my buyer or what sellers can use to renegotiate terms, depending on the severity of the hazard or issue. It’s just one more way to ensure the quickest transaction possible while looking out for the health, safety and well-being of clients and their home.

Join us for the Inspection Protection Webinar on September 9th, 2021 at 11:00 am PST.

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