Florida Keys Lionfish Derby and Festival 2022

Do you want to end your summer of 2022 with a bang?

Then, look no further than the Florida Keys Lionfish Derby and Festival 2022!

It’s no surprise you want to visit one of Florida’s most sought-after festivals. The nonprofit event is home to eco-friendly vendors, food stalls, and a carnival atmosphere. Thousands of people travel from across the country to take part in this unique event each year.

2022 is the 13th annual event for the festival, and it plans to be bigger and better than ever.

If you want to learn more about why this event is an unmissable experience, keep reading until the end!

What Is the Reef Lionfish Derby and Festival?

The Florida Keys Lionfish Derby and Festival are at the Inn Resort & Marina and is open to the public. The derby takes place over two days, with the festival coming on the third.

On Thursday, the 8th of September, participants will meet to revise the event and rules.

The next day the derby will officially begin from sunrise to sunset. The same will happen the next day, on the 10th of September. During this period, participants fish lionfish for the highly anticipated festival on Sunday.

On Sunday the 11th, the street comes alive with pro chefs and street vendors cooking and explaining how to make world-class cuisine. Friends and family sample the delicious food while bringing energy to the streets.

Most importantly, the winner of the lionfish derby is announced at an awards ceremony.

Participating in the Lionfish Derby

Participating in the lionfish derby is a fun and rewarding experience. Ask Team Forever Young, who brought in a record 426 lionfish last year!

Do you still have time to participate in 2022?

Fortunately yes. But not much. The deadline is 6:30 pm on the 8th of September.

Once you register and pay, you’re obligated to sign a waiver and learn the derby rules.

If you were lucky enough to sign up by the 8th of August, you only pay $75 per team. Anytime after but before the deadline is $100 per group. You can have 2-4 people on your team.

How Do You Win the Lionfish Derby?

There’s more than one way to win a prize at the Lionfish Derby.

Gathering the most amount of lionfish is the more desirable prize. But prizes are also given to the team with the smallest and largest lionfish.

Before competing in the derby, you must select a division.

The Apex Predators Division is more advanced and has a larger reward. The Reef Defenders Division is more casual but still carries a prize. Either one is a pleasant welcoming to the community if you purchase a home in the Florida Keys.

Your team must attend the award ceremony on Sunday to receive your prize.

Visit the Florida Keys Lionfish Derby and Festival 2022

The Florida keys Lionfish Derby and Festival 2022 only happens once a year. So make the most of this golden opportunity and end your summer with a bang.

If you feel like relaxing on your last days of summer, attend the festival on Sunday and sample the fresh food!

If you wish to discover more festivals during the year, search for properties in Flordia Keys. Or contact us today for any inquiries or assistance on moving here.