First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers

Last year, despite concerns about climbing interest rates and higher prices, 26% of total homebuyers were those purchasing for the first time. Although that’s a lower percentage than the previous year, people are finally ready to start searching again. Buying real estate can be a stressful process, but going into the search with an understanding of what … Read more

Fun in the Sun: Your Guide to Keys Vacation Rentals

Fun In The Sun

Winter travel to the Florida Keys has doubled in the past decade. As such, there are way too many Keys vacation rentals to choose from. If you’re having trouble picking rental homes for your Florida vacation, we’re here to help. This is your trusty guide to Keys vacation rentals, perfect for those seeking a luxurious vacation. With … Read more

Things to Do in the Florida Keys in the Fall

Things To Do In The Florida Keys In The Fall

While summer may be the time to hit the beach, get lost in the sand, and soak up the sun, fall in the Florida Keys is far from boring. In fact, there’s no better choice for fall than the Florida Keys. Rather than wearing jackets and scarves, learning about what to do in the Florida … Read more

Florida Keys Lionfish Derby and Festival 2022


Do you want to end your summer of 2022 with a bang? Then, look no further than the Florida Keys Lionfish Derby and Festival 2022! It’s no surprise you want to visit one of Florida’s most sought-after festivals. The nonprofit event is home to eco-friendly vendors, food stalls, and a carnival atmosphere. Thousands of people … Read more

Coral Reef Conservation in Florida

Coral Reef Conservation

Florida is the only state in the lower 48 with extensive shallow coral reef formations near the coast. The world has lost half of its coral reefs since the 1950s, and this is disastrous for the ecosystem as a whole. Florida is taking steps to combat coral reef destruction. This can be difficult when so much of Florida’s economy relies … Read more

5 Unmissable Florida Keys Festivals You Need to Attend at Least Once

Festival Event Party With Hipster People Blurred Background

The Florida Keys are a unique and special location. An intoxicating mix of natural beauty, rich culture, and broad vacation appeal, it’s a place that’s truly got something for everyone. If you’re looking to relocate here, you’re not alone. Data from 2021 found almost 330,000 people had moved to the Sunshine State in the previous 12 months. This trend is set … Read more

5 Incredible Benefits of Living in the Florida Keys


The Florida Keys are a collection of beautiful tropical islands that span over a distance of 180 miles. According to the US Census, as of 2019, over 76 percent of people living in this beautiful part of Florida own their homes. If you’re interested in living in the Florida Keys, read on for a list of five … Read more

Different Real Estate Career Paths

Thinking about starting a career in real estate? First of all, congratulations! Second, being a fully licensed real estate agent is not the only role you can play in the industry. There are a number of different career paths in real estate that will bring you a great sense of responsibility, determination, and success.  Being … Read more